Anthony Graphic and Web Designer

Anthony Guido

Graphic & Web Designer

I was born in France, near Annecy. From an early age I developed a passion for art, culture and technology. When I was 18, I began a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in Geneva, followed by a Master’s degree at La Sorbonne University in Paris. After graduating, I left for New Zealand, with the aim of gaining experience in the digital sector. After having such a great time there and having met exceptional people, I decided to come back to Europe, opening my own office of design and marketing in Madrid.

Miguel Martin Computer Programmer

Miguel Martin

Computer Programmer

I am developer specialized in web and mobile apps. I have liked coding since was little. When I was 18, I studied Multiplataform Aplicacion Development, but the most part of my knowledge has been gotten by myself. I have been working since I was 20 in big companies like BBVA or Mapfre and self projects as a freelancer. I am living in Madrid (Spain).

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Dan Lacey SEO Consultant

Dan Lacey

SEO Consultant

I was born in England, in 2014 my sense of adventure kicked in and I sold all of my possessions to buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand. I have a Degree in Computing & a Diploma in Marketing. I have run my own digital agency in the UK, freelanced, co-founded an online app, coordinated projects in Europe & headed up marketing for a holistic pharmacy in Auckland. I have worked in SEO for 11 years & that's my main focus.

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Ricardo Especialista en Marketing Digital

Ricardo Cortés

SEA Consultant

In Colombia, my home country, I graduated as a journalist, but it was in another country where I discovered marketing online as something that I really love. After 8 years of work experience, my credentials include an MBA in Management and Master degree in Digital Businesses with a Google Ads certification in Search Advertising. Today Madrid has become my second home and now I develop B2C and B2B marketing strategies with all kinds of companies or specific business needs.

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Silvio Defant Video Creator

Silvio Defant


I am an Italian videomaker currently based in Los Angeles. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Cinematography from the University of Minnesota and I have completed a year at CSUN in Los Angeles, one of the best film schools in the USA. I often work with fashion, models and brands, creating artistic videos that support and properly portray my clients’ vision and identity.

Ariannaly Pea Community Manager

Ariannaly Pea

Community Manager

I studied Scriptwriting and Audiovisual Production because I am passionate about telling stories, today I apply my knowledges to create content for brands on their Social Media Sites. I write, design, and photograph to be able to make the difference in the digital world.

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Oscar Montalvo Computer Programmer

Oscar Montalvo

Network Administrator

I specialize in the IT field performing maintenance and managing computer systems, guaranteeing the functionality and integrity of system resources and services. As an ASIR student, my knowledge ranges from database optimization and data extraction, transformation and reading, to creation of web pages and programs using ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, PHP, C #.

Dejan Pantner Sound Engineer / Music Producer / Sound Designer

Dejan Pantner

Sound Engineer / Music Producer / Sound Designer

I'm one of the guys that turned passion into a paycheck. I never really had a plan B, working in sound scene was the only plan since forever. Now I'm a founder & CEO of Soundboost, a company which mission is to empower visuals with services like original music production, sound design, audio repair, mixing, mastering, etc., making them stand out. Trough couple of years in the scene I've been privileged to work on a projects for companies like Canon, SEAT, Bell Helicopter, Red Bull Media House, KTM, Akrapovič etc. Now let's empower your visuals.

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Kari Loya Voice Talents

Kari Loya

Voice talent

I am an Emmy-winning bilingual voice-over actor who works with many Fortune 500 companies and has voiced everything from Olympic promos, movie trailers, and national commercials to documentaries, corporate videos, radio imaging, and even video games. I record regularly in both English (neutral American) AND Spanish (neutral Latin American) for clients around the globe via ipDTL, ISDN, and Source Connect from my state-of-the-art home studio. In the last decade, I have lived in New York City, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Argentina, and now Texas.

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Alvaro Becerril Voice Talent

Álvaro Becerril

Voice talent

I am from Madrid and I discovered per chance the world of voice-overs, although being behind the cameras always caught my attention since I was little. I have experience in corporate locution and I am learning and improving the technique everyday. Effort, dedication and enthusiasm is my contribution to all my work, apart from my voice!

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Edwin Cano Photographer in Madrid

Edwin Cano


I am passionate about arts, music, film and painting. I started my photography career in 2016 in Cali, my hometown, where I worked with emerging fashion brands and designers in the region. I also worked for modeling agencies and attended events such as Colombia Fashion in Medellín where I was a photographer. I moved to Madrid where I studied fashion photography and advertising to consolidate my career. Currently, I focus my photographic work on editorial and commercial fashion. My work is characterized by the transmission of sophistication, harmony and freshness.

Daisy Tonge Content Writer

Daisy Tonge

Content writer

I was born in England, but was destined for the 'nomad life', after leaving home at the age of 16 to study at the BRIT School. I moved to Spain in 2015, after graduating from the Guildford School in Acting, and it was in the capital city of Madrid that I began to explore my love of yoga and photography. Combining these two passions with travel, nowadays you can find me documenting my experiences whilst on the road, where I work remotely as a yoga teacher and retreat organiser, travel and wellness writer/blogger, actress and content creator.

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